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Chloë de Carvalho is a Brazilian-Scots director and scriptwriter.

Her commercial work has been featured in Shots Magazine, Campaign Brief, ID, ShowStudio, and exhibited at the Design Museum in London, while her short films have been screened at international festivals (Festival Internacional de Curtas de São Paulo, Libertas Film Festival Dubrovnick, Festival du Cinéma de Paris, amongst others)

She grew up in Rio, lived all over the place (Recife, then Edinburgh) before settling in London for a good chunk of time after attending the London Film School, where she specialized in directing. In those ten years of London, Chloë worked in almost all possible capacities on set, from runner and even camera assistant to AD and production manager, eventually, producing and back to directing.

In the realm of scriptwriting, she collaborates with her writing partner, the Indian novelist, Rajorshi Chakraborti.

She’s still moving between London and Rio, now adding California to the mix. To find out more about Chloë’s current projects, please get in touch at